Challenge Coins for Fundraisers

Mission K9 Rescue is GIVING AWAY our K9 Challenge Coins to all supporters that start a $50 Facebook Fundraiser! Mission K9 Rescue challenge coinMission K9 Rescue Challenge Coin We’ve received a lot of compliments on these coins and know you will enjoy receiving one while knowing how much you are helping retired working dogs.  These small fundraisers help us so much and cost you no more than the time to post on your personal Facebook page. You’ll receive a coin when we see that your fundraiser is active, no matter how much is raised for Mission K9! To create a $50 Facebook Fundraiser for Mission K9 Rescue, just follow these directions – Simple and Easy!

The link to create the fundraiser is:
(Read the rest before you click)

When you click the link above, you will see: Create a Facebook FundraiserSimply Put $50 for the amount to raise and select a date ONE MONTH AWAY as the goal date. Then click “NEXT” Create Facebook Fundraiser for Mission K9 Rescue Here’s what to put in the post.. Title – Support Military Working Dogs
Why you are raising money: 
I’m raising money for Mission K9 Rescue and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.

My goal is only $50 – Help me reach it!
Mission K9 Rescues, Reunites, Re-Homes, Rehabilitates and Repairs any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity.
Since 2013 they have brought over 1100 dogs home from overseas and reunited over 540 with their former military handlers.
                                                                       Thank you so much for helping save K9 Lives!
Click – NEXT Create Facebook Fundraiser for Mission K9 Rescue
Chose the selected photo and click – CREATE
That’s it! The Fundraiser will be live on your page.

To receive your coin once you have created the fundraiser, EMAIL BARK@MISSIONK9RESCUE.ORG and provide us with your mailing address to send YOUR coin to!

Thank you so much for helping us serve working dogs around the world!
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