Rescue Serving Retired and Retiring Working Dogs

Mission K9 Rescue is committed to all retired and retiring working dogs and lending a hand to the paws that serve. Our focus is to assist with adoption facilitation, re-homing, rescue from shelters and transport to forever homes for all dogs who serve. It is our belief that these Working Dogs give everything of themselves to help mankind and they deserve the same dedication in return.

Many people around the world are alive today because of what a Working Dog did for them yesterday. Their country is safer as a result of these K9’s.

All over the globe Working Dogs are giving loyal service everyday, many in harsh conditions and hostile lands. Others are working at Airports, Borders, State and Local Police Departments, and in Train Stations. They earn nothing but a pat on the head, a couple of meals a day, and hopefully a little play with human contact with someone that loves them. Some are not so lucky.

When they are retired, unfortunately some Working Dogs are dumped, misused, abused, or forgotten in foreign lands. Some Police and Sheriff departments have been guilty of dumping loyal K9 servants that have become too old or too ill to do their jobs.

Mission K9 Rescue stands ready to help and save these valiant dogs with Adoption Assistance, Re-Homing, Transportation, and Forever Homes. They have earned and deserve no less than our best to help them.

Help us, join our team, stand up for these great dogs, and make a difference!

Mission K9 Rescue is dedicated to leaving no Working Dog behind, wherever they may be.

Your support and assistance is an invaluable resource to our cause! Thank you so much for your visit today. We post new articles weekly and invite you to return and comment.

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