Giving A Retired Military Hero A Home
WOW!  So many of you have been with us since the beginning.. over 7 years now! We’ve shared our joys and sadness with you throughout this time and we feel like you are part of our family. Everything we have done and are able to do now is because of YOU! We can’t thank you enough for the donations and support you have helped us with. You are true change makers! The Need: MWD GinarMWD Ginar Invoice We’ve paid heavy medical expenses this month for some great dogs like MWD Ginar. She has a mass in need of treatment and is now enrolled in our medical fund. Ginar is 11 years old and has served her county well! Her current bill is approaching a total of $2000.00
We appreciate YOUR HELP to cover her bill so that other dogs can also receive medical care! Thank you so much! Make a donation CWD Belo CWD Belo needed exploratory surgery to evaluate an abnormality on his radiograph. This hero has provided exemplary service and we stepped up to help. The cost so far for his procedure is approximately $1927 which we have also paid out of the Retired K9 Medical Fund. Thank YOU for helping, paying Belo’s bill so another Hero Dog’s care can be scheduled! Make a donation CWD Belo Medical Again – with your generous donations, you are saving K9 lives and making Heroes whole again! Thank you so much! The collective “WE” makes all this possible. The Mission K9 Rescue team appreciates your kind words, your help, and your financial support. Thank you so much for everything you do for the dogs! graphical user interface, text, application
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