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Donate to Mission K9 Rescue via Paypal:

If you prefer to mail a check, please use this address for donations by mail:

Mission K9 Rescue
P.O. Box 395
Needville, TX 77461-0395

EIN 46-4302698 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Mission K9 Rescue has no relationship or connection to the United States Government.

We don’t post photos of the dogs available. When we did, many would want to adopt a dog that was not a fit or match. Time was wasted, so now we review your application and will send you photos of dogs available that are a match for your situation, if any.

If you want to adopt, please choose to support the work and expense required to keep bringing these dogs home.

Read all the details regarding adoptions below this form before you begin. Please understand that if you have cats or multiple pets, that waiting times are long. We do receive working dogs that are compatible with cats, but they are few and far between. Some dogs are not friendly to other dogs, especially alpha dogs, and that also will cause longer waits.

We will review your info when submitted and reach out when/if we have a compatible fit for your household.  99% of adoption related questions are answered on this page. If you have read all the details below the form on this page and still have a question, contact us by email.

Our dogs are RETIRED. Their work is finished.

They cannot be certified as Service Dogs for any purpose and are not trained for that work.

Homes with children under 12 may experience longer waits as our dogs are higher drive and may pose a risk for smaller children.

There can be a long waiting period if we do not have working dogs available at the time or if the dogs we have are not a fit for your particular home environment.
Some dogs are aggressive to other dogs, cats, etc.. all factors have to be considered before we place a dog.

We rescue Working Dogs as we become aware of them and place them afterwards.

The dogs we primarily have for placement are Contract Working Dogs. They do the same job as Military Working Dogs but are not owned by the Government.

There are times when we also re-home Military Working Dogs and Police K9’s, yet we have no way to know when a particular dog may become available.

IMPORTANT – Please understand that before you can adopt, assuming you meet the particular needs criteria for a dog, we check everything.

If you have other pets we will call your Vet to see if they receive regular care.

Your home must meet acceptable standards. Standards vary by the type of dog to be placed.

You have to be stable and have plenty of time to devote to a working dog.

They must be walked at least twice a day, plus playtime as well.

They cannot be left alone for long periods.

You must be able to afford the cost of transportation and care for the dog you want to adopt.

If you are unable to afford regular vet care for a retired working dog (average cost of about $600 per year NOT including emergencies) please do not apply.

Mission K9 Rescue acts an intermediary/rescue between entities with retiring Working Dogs and cannot guarantee the availability or suitability of any Working Dog for adoption.

There are many that want to adopt these heroes and not that many heroes to go around, so please understand that while we do our best to place as many Working Dogs as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a retired working dog.

Mission K9 works to place a retiring Working Dog in the best home possible for that particular dog.

We cannot continue our work without the support of those that wish to adopt.

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