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Our adoption form is found at the bottom of this page. But before proceeding below to complete it, we kindly ask that you read through all the information on this page. 

Your thorough understanding of our process will help us find the best match for you and ensure a smooth transition for your new furry family member.

Mission K9 Rescue primarily has Contract Working Dogs (CWDs) available for placement. These incredible canines perform the same vital tasks as Military Working Dogs (MWDs) but are not owned by the Government.

We also occasionally place MWDs and retired police dogs for adoption, but it’s unpredictable when they may become available. We rescue these dedicated canines as we become aware of them and work diligently to find suitable placements afterward. 

We’ve opted not to post photos of available dogs to avoid mismatches and save everyone valuable time. Instead, we review your application thoroughly and send you pictures of dogs that suit your situation, if any. This process helps us ensure our dogs find their forever homes with the right families and that the adoption process runs smoothly. 

Who Can Adopt?

Understanding Eligibility for CWD, MWD, and Retired Service Dog Adoption

Adopting a retired working dog is a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to ensure both you and the dog are well-suited for each other’s needs.

Here are the primary factors considered when applications are reviewed: 

Home Standards 

The potential owner’s home must meet acceptable standards, which vary depending on the type of dog to be placed. This ensures a comfortable and secure living space for the dog. 

Stability and Time Commitment 

Adopters must demonstrate stability and have plenty of time to devote to a working dog. CWDs and MWDs require regular exercise, including at least two daily walks and ample playtime. 

Financial Responsibility 

Adopters must be able to afford the cost of transportation and ongoing care for the dog they want to adopt, including regular veterinary expenses. The average cost of vet care is approximately $600 per year, excluding emergencies.


This table outlines the general criteria for households and individuals interested in retired police dogs for adoption:


  • Stable and secure living situation
  • Experience with working breeds
  • Capacity to meet physical and emotional needs
  • Sufficient financial resources 
  • A fenced yard or safe exercise area 
  • Understanding of dog’s background

Not Eligible

  • Frequently changing residences
  • First-time pet owners (usually)
  • Lack of time or resources for dog’s needs
  • Overwhelmingly busy schedule
  • Homes without outdoor access
  • Unprepared for potential behavioral issues

The criteria are not exhaustive, and each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best match. 

There may also be a longer waiting period if we do not have any working dogs available or if the dogs we have are not a good fit for your home environment. Additionally, for families with children under 12, please note that our dogs are often high-drive and may require careful consideration due to potential risks. 

Ultimately, please remember that our dogs are retired, meaning their working days are behind them. They are not certified as Service Dogs and are not trained for that purpose.

Our Process

Join Us in Giving Our Heroes their Loving Forever Homes

Working dog adoption is a rewarding experience, and our straightforward process helps keep the entire journey as pleasant and exciting as possible.


The process begins with you submitting the adoption form you’ll find below. Please fill out the form with your details and answer our questionnaire truthfully. We use the information you send us to match you with the most suitable dog.


We check various aspects, such as your lifestyle and home environment, to ensure they suit a working dog’s needs. If you have other pets, we’ll also contact your veterinarian to see if they receive regular care. This ensures a safe and healthy environment for all animals.


If everything checks out and your application is approved, we’ll work to find you a dog that fits your lifestyle. This is also when we send pictures of hero dogs that can be a perfect fit. We consider the distinct characteristics of each individual dog to give you the most suitable choices.


When we find your match, we’ll arrange an adoption. You’ll be able to meet your new companion, complete the necessary paperwork and officially welcome your retired hero home.

Like you, many are interested in CWD or retired service dogs adoption – but there are not that many of these heroes to go around.

While we strive to find loving homes for as many of them as possible, please understand that we cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive a working dog.

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At Mission K9 Rescue, we’re dedicated to serving retiring and retired military working dogs, contract working dogs and police dogs. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of supporters to continue our important work. 

There are several convenient ways to donate: 

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