Kinetic Performance Dog Food Partners With Mission K9

Now through August 31, 2020, for every bag of KineticPerformance Dog Food purchased from Tractor Supply Co., Kinetic is giving $10.00 to the important work being done by Mission K9 Rescue.

Try a bag of Kinetic Dog Food!

All of the retired working dogs cared for by Mission K9 eat Kinetic Pro Performance dog food. It is very digestible, no problems with food upset, and also produces a healthy firm stool. That last bit may sound like too much information, but great bowel movements are a really big deal when you are caring for lots of dogs, plus it’s a sign that they dogs are using it efficiently. We demand the best for our working dogs. Kinetic delivers that performance!

“Mission K9 Rescue is really kind of a unique organization. What they do is work with retired working dogs, from the military as well as other working dogs that are performing security services at either our facilities overseas or in the U.S. And what they do is they actually bring the dog back to Houston,Texas and they rehabilitate the canine. It’s a fascinating group and a great group of people, and this is something we feel we can give back.”

“We’re raising funds to take care of these dogs — to bring dogs back from all over the world where they are stuck in kennels after retirement, and to provide medical care for working dogs who have worked like athletes their entire lives and now have injuries and health issues. It can be really costly to get them ready for adoption,” explains Mission K9 Rescue president Kristen Maurer. 

“Plus,” Kristen adds, “just like with two-legged soldiers, four-legged soldiers can come back with emotional issues. Some of them have been isolated their entire life, and they need to learn how to get along with other dogs and people. They need special rehabilitation. These dogs were drafted into what they did; they didn’t choose it. They have selflessly given their lives to protect our soldiers, our first responders, and our citizens. And we feel like they deserve the best retirement we can give them.”

Try a bag of Kinetic Dog Food!

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