• Working Dog Teams In Afghanistan – A Waiting Game

    Working Dog Teams In Afghanistan – A Waiting Game

    CWD Angel is one of five Contract Working Dogs we were able to get out of Afghanistan shortly before the US withdrawal commenced. Not in the best health, Angel caught a fungal lung infection that required immediate vet care within days of her arrival. She is much improved and will be fine. We were fortunate to rescue her, yet others remain and their fate is not secure.

    At this time we are aware that all US Military Working Dogs have been evacuated from Afghanistan, yet 67 or more US Allied Working Dog Teams (Handlers and Dogs) remain in uncertainty regarding their fate there. These Contract Working Dogs and their Handlers have been valuable assets in this conflict. Their safety and security should be a priority.

    With that said, we can promise NOTHING as we are not on the ground there and have no control over the situation.

    We ask that you keep them in your positive thoughts and prayers while they wait and hope for a favorable outcome.

    We ready to act, yet can do noting until we get word that we can assist with their evacuation. We will need funding at that time.

    Should your choose to give now, those funds will be used toward this effort.

    MissionK9Rescue was formed and is based in Houston, Texas. We operate World Wide.

    Please take the time to donate to MissionK9 Rescue. Your donations help us with all the expenses related to our mission.

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