• Mine Detection Dogs serving in Bosnia need transport help!

    Mine Detection Dogs serving in Bosnia need transport help!

    Three Mine Detection Dogs need transport funding from Bosnia to the USA. 

    They have served their entire lives searching for landmines left from the violence of war. The work is tedious and exhausting, yet they make a difference! Because of their service, children can play again in fields without worry of being hurt or killed by unexploded mines.

    Now, that are older and their work is done, the NGO tasked with mine clearing and caretaker for these great dogs asked MissionK9 to bring them back to the USA and provide them with care and loving homes. We are glad to rescue them and with your help they’ll be on a plane soon! We can’t wait to show you pictures of them in the USA!

    Support and Donate Here – Mine Detection Dogs Transport Fund

    Due their location (Bosnia), transportation options are limited. The cost to bring them home is $12,000 – Thank you for making this happen!

    Please give as you are able – You’ll smile knowing you’ve helped rescue these heroes!

    Bosnia Mine Detection Dogs

    Shipping quotation for Mine Detection Dogs from Bosnia

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