MWD Yago N289 – Rest In Peace

MWD Yago N289 was an 8 yr old German Shepherd who served with the Navy from 2010-2015. His first duty station was at CNRSW in San Diego, CA. He was later transferred to NAVBAS Ventura County in 2011. He was a Drug/Patrol Dog, and he was one of the best on the West Coast until a medical condition called firbrotic myopathy earned him an early retirement in 2015. Yago was very well known for being a very hard headed and energetic boy.

Since being retired with his mom Krystal, Yago has thrived. He enjoys living on a 10 acre farm in Southern California, and spending a lot of time in the yard with his indestructible dog ball and stealing toys from his other fur siblings.

On June 3rd, MWD Yago began to show signs of diarrhea. Within 24 hours his issues began to worsen, and his blood work showed that his liver values had suddenly increased dramatically. He was immediately put on medications. By the end of this last weekend, he had lost almost 17lbs . He had stopped eating and was getting extremely lethargic. Yago was hospitalized at the Speciality Clinic on Monday, June 13th. Our biggest fear was cancer, but thankfully, x-rays and ultrasound did not show any suspicious areas. His Liver values were slowly coming down, however, his white blood cells were elevating. More antibiotics were added on Tuesday. We were thankful that his white blood cells were responding to all of the new medications that were being introduced.

Unfortunately, all of the medical symptoms are causing a snowball effect, and his kidneys are paying the price for the significantly low proteins that are not able to utilize his fluids.

His blood work is also showing that he is now becoming septic which doctors are trying to figure out what the cause of that is as well. Because the doctors are unable to operate to obtain a biopsy at this time, Yago in ineligible for some much needed tests. He now needs a plasma transfusion to help stop the process. The internal medicine specialist that is seeing his case feels very strongly that his quality of life and prognosis will be outstanding if we can stop the snowball effect of symptoms.

The medical staff has enjoyed his sweet disposition and his great love for his Kong that had kept him company throughout this process. They have said nothing but wonderful things about Yago since he was admitted. We are expecting at least a couple more days of hospitalization and then follow up appointments. Currently Mission K9 Rescue has picked up all his medical costs, but more bills are mounting daily, and we could use your help to allow us to keep helping him.

Krystal has known Yago N289 since he arrived at her kennel in 2010. He was a silly happy, overly energetic guy, that was crazy for everything. “I was super excited to be contacted by NBVC as a prospective adopter for him, and he has been a joy to have at home. He still has that love of life and toys, and as long as he is willing to fight, I will help him fight to the best of my ability. He is a wonderful part of our family, and we feel that he has many more years in him to enjoy his well earned retirement.” said Krystal. As long as she and Yago are willing to fight, Mission K9 Rescue are willing to fight with her! Will you help us fight for this sweet hero?

Update – September 2016 – Through the kindness of our donors, Yago’s bills were paid in full. He continued to deteriorate and it was found that he had a fast growing cancer. Yago passed and is missed by all who he touched. Run in Paradise, Yago!

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