• Mission K9 Rescue – Needs for Summer 2023

    Mission K9 Rescue – Needs for Summer 2023

    You might remember that we wrapped up 2022 in a really positive way, all thanks to the support of people like you.
    This allowed us to kick off 2023 feeling financially secure. But, the first few months of the year have been busy, and
    while we’ve done a lot of good work, our funds have been reduced quite a bit.

    I wish I didn’t have to ask this, but the situation is such that we really need to.

    Would you consider making a special contribution at this time? I promise you, every cent will be used wisely to continue the work we care so much about.

    Thank you so much for always supporting us.

    Your help is incredibly important to us, especially now.

    With Gratitude – Kristen Maurer, President and Founder

    Donate – https://donate.missionk9rescue.org – Support

    Remember that we NEVER waste money and put 92% or more of every dollar received directly to the dogs.

    Since January 2023 we’ve reunited 27 MWD’s with their Handlers and spent over $44,000 in care for our nations’s hero dogs. Your help enables us to continue!

    This summer we have the following needs:

    Four reunions to complete by end of August – $16000 (appx)

    Two dogs needing Hip Replacements – $9000

    Provide normal care for the 60 dogs in our facility – (this varies in cost)

    Normal Staffing Expenses to operate our facility.

    Anything you can financially help with at this time will be greatly appreciated!

    Donate – https://donate.missionk9rescue.org – Support

    We never want to say “NO” to dogs in need and we Thank You So Much!

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    If you want to donate by mail, please use this address:

    Mission K9 Rescue
    P.O. Box 395
    Needville, TX 77461-0395


    With appreciation,

    Kristen Maurer
    Louisa Kastner
    Bob Bryant
    Mission K9 Staff and Kennel Team

    Mission K9 Rescue