Military Hero Dog Reunited – CWD Jjoe

CWD Jjoe is no ordinary Military Hero Dog. The battlefields of Afghanistan proved to be too stressful and traumatic for this highly trained Contract Working Dog who can detect many different types of explosives.

Jjoe had a special gift that no one knew about before he was taken off the front line and into the command center and field hospital. He shined there.

He gave love and support to the wounded and boosted the morale of the troops he served with.

Jjoe went to the wounded and comforted them. He had some way to know when they needed him the most. Hundreds of our Servicemen and Women saluted him.

When it came his time to retire as the IDD program was winding down, his former handler thought of nothing other than his time with Jjoe and wanted to give him a forever retirement home.

MissionK9Rescue was honored to help transport Contract Working Dog JJoe home to Dallas, Texas on September 9th, 2014.

Link to NBC DFW Coverage

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