• Bring Two Brave K9 Veterans Home!

    Bring Two Brave K9 Veterans Home!


    By Zita Ballinger Fletcher

    We turn to you again to ask for help on behalf of two courageous veterans, who have served their country with no less dedication and sacrifice than soldiers in uniforms.

    They are two loyal and hardworking K9 veterans–both far from their home in America. One of them is in Korea; the other in Afghanistan.

    Your donations will give these dogs a chance to recover in the caring arms of people who love them. Your generosity can give the dog in Korea a much-needed rest at the family home of its handler, while that handler goes again to Afghanistan for another tour of active military duty.

    Not all dogs can survive without for dogs, so be sure you do right medicines for the dogs.

    And any dollars you can spare will provide much-needed, emergency medical treatments for the dog in Afghanistan, who sadly has suffered in the service of our country. Your donations will pay for immediate veterinary care and allow the dog to heal at our ranch until well enough to be adopted by a loving and responsible owner.

    Any amount, no matter how small, will help.

    Donate here

    If you prefer to mail a check, please use this address for donations by mail:

    Mission K9 Rescue
    P.O. Box 395
    Needville, TX  77461-0395


    MissionK9Rescue was formed and is based in Houston, Texas.


    EIN 46-4302698 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

    Mission K9 Rescue has no relationship or connection to the United States Government.

    We appreciate your consideration of our organization in planning your yearly giving and thank you for your support!

    Learn more about MissionK9 – Watch the video below!

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