Bring Dogs Home to America for the Holidays

By Zita Ballinger Fletcher Contract working dogs sacrifice their lives to protect humans, working tirelessly to detect explosives and narcotics. Owned and contracted by private companies, they are sent to foreign countries, where they spend long hard hours searching for dangerous materials. They often work in extreme temperatures and are given meager amounts of food. Jenny, shown in the photo, was one of these dogs. Like many of her K9 comrades, she suffered from abuse and overwork. She had no rest or play. She was kept in a large outdoor cage with nothing but sand and rocks. Many dogs die in such conditions. We were able to save Jenny’s life thanks to the help of caring supporters. We were able to pay for Jenny and two other contract working dogs to come home to the United States, where they were given medical care and love. Jenny had surgery on her knee, was placed in a caring foster home and has been adopted. We were able to save Jenny’s life However, our work is not done. There are many more dogs just like Jenny waiting to come home to America. They depend on us to bring them back safely. They must wait to be rescued, until we are able to pay for their homecoming journey and care. Sometimes we are not able to raise enough funds to bring these dogs back in time. Sometimes these dogs die waiting.

We know very well about the love and care these hard working dogs will receive from people here in the United States, and that is something we do not want them to miss. We try to save as many of them as we can. But it costs an average of $2000 per dog to pay for its travel out of certain regions of the world, board the dog for a short time during its recovery, and provide much-needed veterinary care.

These extraordinary dogs risk their lives to help humans—the least thing we can do is give them our help in return. Our goal is to bring more of these heroic and sadly neglected contract working dogs back home to America before the year-end. We can do it with your help. Any amount, no matter how small, helps. Donate here If you prefer to donate via Paypal: Click – If you prefer to mail a check, please use this address for donations by mail: Mission K9 Rescue
P.O. Box 395
Needville, TX 77461-0395
713-589-9362 MissionK9Rescue was formed and is based in Houston, Texas. EIN 46-4302698 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization Mission K9 Rescue has no relationship or connection to the United States Government. We appreciate your consideration of our organization in planning your yearly giving and thank you for your support!
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