• Retired K9 Veterinary Fund Opens

    Retired K9 Veterinary Fund Opens

    Faced with the often overwhelming cost of veterinary care, many former Handlers who have adopted their Retired K9 partners find that they are unable to afford needed urgent vet care or long term care for a previously undiagnosed condition.

    Knowing the lack of programs and resources for the care of retired working dogs, Mission K9 Rescue has established a 100% donor supported veterinary fund to provide assistance for veterinary emergencies and conditions that the adopting handler cannot bear.

    Handlers needing assistance with care for their retired K9’s are invited to learn more about the fund and apply at:

    Learn More About The Retired K9 Medical Fund and Apply Here 

    Supporters can donate to the fund here: Retired K9 Medical Fund

    An anonymous donor made an initial donation of $1200 to the fund. Consider supporting/donating!

    No retired Working Dog should have to wait for needed urgent care. With YOUR help the fund will be a continued success!

    Mission K9 Rescue

    Mission K9 Rescue