• Retired K9 Medical Fund

    Retired K9 Medical Fund

    Veterinary Care for retired working dogs can be prohibitively expensive for many handlers that have adopted their partners. So much so that they often have to make difficult decisions about the health of their K9. After a life of dedicated service, no working dog should have to wait for needed care.

    We are aware of other organizations offering medical care for Retired Working Dogs. Researching these organizations we found that one only uses 22 cents out of every $1 given toward care!  If you gave $1000 to help that charity, only $220 of your hard earned money would get to the dog in need! 

    It is with this in mind that Mission K9 Rescue has implemented the Retired K9 Medical Fund!

    This fund is a donor supported fund, now available for Handlers that have adopted their K9 partners and find themselves financially unable to provide needed urgent veterinary care.

    100% of Donations made to the Retired K9 Medical Fund go to the dogs that need urgent veterinary care!
    No management fees, admin fees, salaries, or advertising cost is taken from the fund. The hard earned money of supporters that want to help save K9 lives through this K9 Medical Fund can smile knowing that their money was used as they intended it to be!

    To be eligible to receive assistance from the fund you must be the Owner and Former Handler of the Working Dog in your care. The Working Dog must be retired. The veterinary care need must be urgent and one that you have no resources or way to cover the cost of. You agree to allow Mission K9 Rescue to make direct payments to your veterinarian providing care and to release medical records related to the diagnosis and continued care to Mission K9 Rescue.

    Approved cases receive up to $500 toward care. 

    While not required to receive funds, we appreciate those that are approved helping to fundraise personally, paying it forward for the next retired working dog in need. It’s simple, takes no effort, and will keep the fund ready for the next need. Supporters of the fund who don’t have a dog can also help us fundraise. We’d love to show you how easy it is to help save K9 lives

    You can donate to the fund by following this link:

    *Donate – Retired K9 Medical Fund by Mission K9 Rescue – Donate*

    *Handlers – Apply For Emergency Veterinary Funding – Handlers*

    The collective “WE” makes this fund a reality and ongoing source of needed dollars for emergency veterinary care for retired working dogs and their handlers.

    Please share this great news and also your support for our Retired K9 Heroes!

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