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Veteran K9 Rescue Ranch – URGENT NEEDS!

K9 Veteran Rescue Ranch – Needed Improvements for Hero Dogs!

We are SO PROUD of our New Houston Area Kennel for our Hero Working Dogs!

With any new facility there are needs for start up items to help make our kennel the best it can be for our Retired Contract Working Dogs, Military Working Dogs and Police K9’s. We hope you will consider these items and help MissionK9!

Veteran K9 Rescue Ranch Start Up Needs

Upgraded Kennel Air Conditioning Unit – NO LONGER NEEDED

This was donated to MissionK9’s Veteran K9 Rescue Ranch by:

American Comfort Solutions – WWW.COOLAIRSAM.COM – Thank you SO MUCH!!!

800 ft. of 6ft. Galvanized 9 Gauge Chain Link Fence and Associated Hardware

Cost of the Fencing is approximately $6000 plus installation.

Upgraded Septic System – once Outdoor Runs are installed it will be a must have.

Cost of Septic Improvements are being evaluated at this time.

Exhaust Fans for Air Movement in Kennel and DeHumidification

Cost of Exhaust Fans and Installation is $1500 for a pair of Louvered Fans

External Doors for Kennel Runs

Cost of Doors and and Installation for all our runs is $6480

Drywall Installation for External Kennel Run Doors

(Building is Metal, once holes are cut the insulation will be exposed.

Drywall is needed to prevent the dogs from being exposed to it)

Install and Materials are Approximately $2800

Vehicle for Veterinary Transport, Kennel Supplies, Etc.

We are trying to find a vehicle (Truck, Van, or SUV) that is in good condition, with Air Conditioning that does not require a lot of repairs. Year is not important, brand is not important, only thing that is important is that the vehicle be reliable and have working air conditioning along with room for a large dog to lay down or be in a crate.

Cost of Vehicle – $5000 + depending on age/condition

We would gladly accept a donated vehicle and provide a donation receipt for taxes.

With any new venture, there are always start up expenses.

We thank YOU for helping us make our new facility the BEST it can be for our Retired Hero Dogs!


Watch the Video!

The dogs will enjoy the country setting and have space to exercise, receive needed Veterinary Care, and get rehabilitation as needed before going to Forever Homes.

Mission K9 Rescue directly operates the kennel with Professional K9 Handlers.

It will be a place for events, demos, as well as a spot to meet our Hero Dogs in the near future.

Please donate toward our Kennel Start Up Needs!

If you want to donate one of the actual items, please email

Thank you so much!

If you prefer to donate via Paypal, please send to

To mail a check, please use our San Antonio, TX address for donations by mail:

Mission K9 Rescue
P.O. Box 200754
San Antonio, TX 78220


MissionK9Rescue was formed and is based in Houston, Texas.

EIN 46-4302698 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Mission K9 Rescue has no relationship or connection to the United States Government.

We appreciate your consideration of our organization in planning your yearly giving and thank you for your support!

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